About Us

Having been born and bought up in this wonderful country, I decided 20 years ago to venture into the new and exciting field of real estate. This was an industry that had been banned for 25 years, and with the lifting of the ban, it was time to venture into a new challenge in life. It was a long slow battle, it was only in my second year, that I actually moved my first property, a rental. This was the first rung of a long ladder and a great challenge. I then took on Sharon Phiri, who had been running my little craft shop for me. Sharon, a very young, nervous school leaver, stood by me and together we ventured into new waters. Introducing the whole concept of real estate to a country is not an easy task. However they say smooth seas never make good sailors, so the journey began. Over the first 5 years the company grew, slowly but surely. After 8 years, we now had bigger offices and 4 more agents. It was at this stage that we saw the large South African conglomerates coming into Zambia, e.g. Shoprite, Holiday Inn, Multichoice (Mnet) to name a few. Thus my decision to look into joining a South African franchise. After much research, I chose Homenet. The main reasons being their excellent training academy, a 2 year course, and they have their own graduation ceremony. Trainers are both South African and Australian, giving our agents the opportunity of first class training. I was fortunate myself to qualify as an assessor, giving me the opportunity to do our own in-house training here. And so we steadily grew, training our staff, who are always keen to learn and grow, today having 18 agents, offices in Livingstone, the Copperbelt, and 2 branches in Lusaka. We also have our own evaluations department.

Today we are now Homenet Zambia, this is my own franchise, Harcourts Australia took over Homenet 2 years ago, and we were allowed to remain as Homenet and are affiliated with Harcourts international.

Our services include commercial & residential lettings, sales, & developments, farms, tourism sites and lodges, evaluations, property management, and consulting.

We are a proudly 100% Zambian company aiming to provide you with top professional service and advice. We have been through all the different ups and downs in the real estate market over the years and are very excited about our wonderful country and its future.

Invest well, Invest in Zambia with Homenet Zambia as your prefered property company.